Does Rust/WebAssembly support SEO?

I'm playing with Yew and it is interesting that the is actually blank and there is a function to "mount" the body using Rust code.

The guide published by Google says Google does, in fact, execute JavaScript to index the contents.

So, by using WebAssembly, there is a JavaScript file (".js") linked from within the HTML code. Does SEO actually work?

i guess the real question is "does googlebot's renderer execute wasm code"—they use chrome 74, which supports webassembly, so unless it's specifically disabled it should

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I still wouldn't rely on that to do it properly anyways.

Modern JavaScript web applications do a preprender on the server side of the first page that's visible on the URL requested. That serves two purposes, SEO and having a better user experience, because there's no second load time after loading the initial page.

Usually that involves node.js or some other JavaScript execution environment to share the code, but with a pure Rust web application, it should be relatively easy to just use the same application code on the server as well, as long as your web server is written in Rust.

To get an idea of how good a Yew site's SEO is, you can run the Lighthouse benchmark on it yourself from inside chrome's devtools. The lighthouse score will be a good indicator of how well the site performs in regards to SEO metrics.