Does Rust support compile-fail tests?

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if it's possible to write a "compile-fail test", i.e. a small #[test] that should fail to compile.

This is mostly because I'm implementing a container type that returns an iterator which shouldn't outlive its corresponding container and for that, I use PhantomData<&'a T> but there was recently a PR that attempts to remove it which breaks that invariant.

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Not directly, unfortunately, but there's a crate for that which provides the basics of such functionality.


I generally prefer trybuild to compiletest-rs nowadays.

It's also possible to mark doctests as compile_fail to require that they fall to compile, though that's typically not that useful of a test (since the ability to actually check what the error is is relatively small).


Thank you for the recommendations!

I'll start looking into how to integrate this into my project.

You can do it with compile_fail in rustdoc:


Oh, that's pretty nice, thanks for the recommendation.

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