Does rust need to start from the first always when getting an element by index?

For example

let a = vec![1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10];


Does getting the element of index-5 take more time than getting that of index 0?

Also, Is it the same when indexing tuple?

Thanks in advance.

Arrays are random-access data structures, so asymptotically, all elements take approximately the same time to access. (Caching can change physical access times quite a bit, but it's nevertheless usually described as O(1).)

Tuples cannot be indexed; they are simply data structures of which the fields have integer names rather than words. Accessing a tuple's fields is exactly the same operation as accessing the named fields of a struct: they are at a compile-time known constant offset, and thus also accessible in O(1).


You said 'arrays', is it the same in vector?

In Rust Vecs and arrays have the same performance characteristics for accessing elements. A Vec is kind of just an array that can be resized dynamically.


Vec is an implementation of the general concept of a dynamic array. Vec, Rust fixed-size arrays and slices are all contiguous-buffer arrays with a constant element size and have exactly the same performance characteristics when it comes to looking up elements.


Thanks for your responses.

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