Does Rust have a preferred DB to work with?

Hello, is there any particular DB that Rust has more/better support for/with than the others? Example, does Rust work better with PostgreSQL compared to MySQL, etc.

Not really. There are crates to interact with pretty much every database there's out there.

Rust itself doesn't care. The language knows nothing about databases. And the standard library is intentionally minimal, so doesn't include database integration.

It'll all depend on what crate you choose, and which engines that crate supports well.


I get that, and thank you for your response. I just didn't know as some languages have way more packages for utility and options, regarding one specific DB over others. Didn't know if Rust had a particular DB that had a lot more options to work with. Will probably end up using PostgreSQL regardless. As I have looked online and the functionality seems pretty straightforward.

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