Does anybody use the rustup RUSTUP_USE_HYPER flag?

In this issue I am hoping to add a reqwest backend to rustup, and ultimately to migrate from curl to reqwest. As part of that migration I'm planning to drop the existing hyper backend to rustup because it is fairly difficult to continue maintaining it while adding reqwest. This will also sadly end up dropping the rustls backend, which is not used in practice (though I would still like to continue pursuing rustls support in rustup).

So I'm looking for opinions about this plan, especially whether anybody actually uses the hyper backend today and can't use the default curl backend.


To the question in the title, I do. I set RUSTUP_USE_HYPER in my .bashrc. But not because of any bug in curl or anything, mostly to just be sure hyper is exercised. And so far, I haven't noticed rustup fail yet. :slight_smile:


I used to because I worked in a shared office space with a garbage firewall that'd always cause problems with rustup. Using the hyper backend caused slightly less issues. AFAIK it wasn't any significant technical difference between the two, it just helped me luck past whatever false positive I was hitting. For what its worth when I used it, it seemed to work very well.

I've since moved from that office space and haven't used it since. I don't miss that network.

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IIUC, reqwest could be made to work with rustls by substituting tokio-rustls for tokio-tls in its Cargo.toml, or by having tokio-tls add rustls support, assuming the maintainers of those crates are willing to do so.