Documentation sidebar omits sidebar methods in Vec documentation!?

Does anyone know why the following methods don't show up in the sidebar of the documentation for Vec? If you start at binary_search_by_key and go to the Trait Implementations section comparing what's in the sidebar to what's in the docs, you get

Method In Sidebar In Documentation
binary_search_by_key yes yes
sort_unstable no yes
sort_unstable_by no yes
sort_unstable_by_key no yes
rotate_left no yes
rotate_right no yes
clone_from_slice no yes
copy_from_slice no yes
swap_with_slice no yes
is_ascii yes yes
eq_ignore_ascii_case yes yes
make_ascii_uppercase no yes
make_ascii_lowercase no yes
sort no yes
sort_by no yes
sort_by_key no yes
sort_by_cached_key no yes
to_vec yes yes
repeat yes yes
to_ascii_uppercase yes yes
to_ascii_lowercase yes yes

My habit for exploring is to read down the sidebar and click on methods I think might be useful or interesting. I didn't realize Vec had an easy sorting method on it until I read it somewhere else because of this!!! :man_facepalming:

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