Documentation of std::ops::Deref currently broken

I just noticed std::ops::Deref's documentation is broken. It shows:

impl<T: ?Sized> Deref for RwLockWriteGuard<'_, T> // link to [src]
impl<T: ?Sized, A: Allocator> Deref for Box<T, A> // no link to [src]
impl<B: ?Sized + ToOwned> Deref for Cow<'_, B> where
    B::Owned: ~constBorrow<B>, 
impl<T: Ord> Deref for PeekMut<'_, T>

Beginning with Deref for Box, all source code links are missing. Not sure what's the cause or where to report it.

API docs are generated by rustdoc, which here lives in the main Rust repo. I would create a ticket there.

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I created one:


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