Documentation for closed source crate

I have developed a closed source crate and I am needing to distribute documentation of the public API generated by cargo doc. However, cargo doc always includes the source code in the HTML. Is there a way to generate API documentation that doesn't also include the source code?

You can add #![doc(html_no_source)] as a crate-level attribute and cargo doc won't add the source code to your documentation, see here: The #[doc] attribute - The rustdoc book.

Found the answer in an issue on github: Add an option to exclude source code from docs · Issue #75497 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub


Note that as mentioned in How can I share my lib? if you ship your closed source app as rlib, this will still leak a lot of information you might not want. Also it will only work with a single rustc version.


Works great! Thanks!

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