Doctests not finding public functions

Hi I'm struggling to get the doc tests to work out that the function it is documenting actually exists.

it's in a public module, and implements a trait called Parser, which provides the required parse_s method.

/// A function for parsing integers
/// ```
/// use gobble::*;
/// let r = common_int.parse_s("32").unwrap();
/// assert_eq!(r,32);
/// ```
pub fn common_int<'a>(it: &LCChars<'a>) -> ParseRes<'a, isize> {
    //TODO add and mul without panic
    let mut it = it.clone();
    let (minus, mut res) = match {
        Some('-') => (-1, 0),
        Some(v) if v >= '0' && v <= '9' => (1, (v as isize - '0' as isize)),
        _ => return it.err_cr(ECode::SMess("Not an int")),

    let mut it2 = it.clone();
    loop {
        match {
            Some(v) if v >= '0' && v <= '9' => {
                res = res
                    .ok_or(it.err_c(ECode::SMess("Num too big")))?
                    .checked_add(v as isize - '0' as isize)
                    .ok_or(it.err_c(ECode::SMess("Num too big")))?;
                it2 = it.clone();
            _ => return Ok((it2, minus * res)),

When called from a local test this function works, called from the doctest it fails to find it and I get the following error:

---- src/ - common::common_int (line 7) stdout ----
error[E0425]: cannot find value `common_int` in this scope
   --> src/
5   | let r = common_int.parse_s("32").unwrap();
    |         ^^^^^^^^^^ help: a function with a similar name exists: `common_str`
   ::: /home/matthew/bdata/CargoTarget/package/gobble-0.1.3/src/

common_str is a different function in another module, I have made this module public in the

Any ideas?

Doc tests are using your library, like the any external crate will. So, as the common_int is inside module commons, and the crate is (if I understand correctly) called gobble, it should be either called as gobble::common::common_int or explicitly imported in the use statement.

thanks for getting back, but
my already has:

pub mod common;
pub use common::*;

your doctest seems incomplete. It calls parse_s() on an object called common_int, but there is no let common_int = … anywhere to be seen. Do you maybe have to instantiate the parser first?

common_int is the name of the method I'm testing.

I'm not at my computer so I might oet this a bit off, but I impl parser for this function in a public exported module.

impl <F,R> Parser<R> for F
    where F:for <'a> Fn(&LCChars<'a>)->ParseRes<'a,R>{
    fn parse<'a>(self, it:&LCchars<'a>)->ParseRes<'a>{

parse_s(Str) is a provided method by the trait.

This exact same code as the doctest works in module tests.

Not sure why,but running cargo clean seemed to sort it out

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