does not show my documentation

Hey guys, my crate's documentation is not shown on (github,
Can anyone help me resolve this?
I am not that new to Rust, but I haven't had that problem ever.

I noticed that on the Builds section built my crate as "nightly", even though I wrote it using stable.
Why is that?

Help is much appreciated! always builds everything using its own nightly version of Rust. Nightly can compile all stable crates.

Does cargo doc build docs locally for you?

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Yes, On my local machine (debian 11) it builds without problems.
Opening it in my browser (using cargo doc --open) also works as intended.

This discusson on zulip might be relevant to debugging the issue (link requires you to create a zulip account if you don't already have one). In particular, it sounds like uses cargo rustdoc instead of cargo doc, which is apparently the same as running cargo doc --no-deps. So you may want to try running that locally if you haven't already.

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Note that reading the discussion is possible through the archive, without an account:


Ok guys, thanks for the help, I got it fixed.

My crate provides derive macros (EnumMatch and EnumTake), thus my library is a proc-macro crate.
This requires to set proc-macro = true under [lib] in Cargo.toml. cargo also accepts proc_macro instead of proc-macro, but does not. I had used proc_macro. I changed that to proc-macro and now version 0.1.1's documentation is shown.
github issue

Thanks for the help and have a great day!


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