Doc-specific `use`? / Doc link full URL best practice

I have a crate that's #![no_std], but the docs have links to objects in std because it's helpful to explain things.

Is there a general way to use a crate for the purposes of resolving doc links, so that this works?
A link to a [HashMap].

And if not, is there a recommended best practice to do a full path reference? I.e. is there a better way than this?

A link to a [HashMap](


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Something like this should work

#![cfg_attr(not(doc), no_std)]

use std::collections::HashMap;

/// Refer to [HashMap]
pub fn foo() {}

Brilliant! Thank you!

I suggest using instead:

extern crate std;

It's less of a double-negative, and doesn't activate the std prelude, so all of your mentions of std remain qualified.


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