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Two questions: I had accidentally run cargo doc --open, how i can delete it?
How i can refresh all dependencies to newest in one command?

You can close the browser tab and re-run the cargo doc --open

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So if i change dependencies, doc command automatically substitute on new?)

Not sure if some garbage may remain, but the file opened by the cargo doc --open should be up to date.

It is possible to rename this doc?)

The doc are just a bunch of html files stored in your local drive. Sure you can rename local files. But it may break some links between them.

cargo doc --open is a combination of doing an ordinary cargo doc and opening a web-browser looking at the documentation. Subsequent runs of cargo doc (or cargo doc --open) will replace/update the documentation, so if you refresh the site in your webbrowser, you’ll always see the latest generated documentation.

Like other built artifacts, e.g. the binaries produced by cargo build, the generated documentaiton is also deleted by the cargo clean command. There is a flag, cargo clean --doc which will only delete documentation.

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