Doc: Have a clear visual indication for struct implementing Copy trait

Since Copy trait is quite relevant in Rust, I was wondering if it could help having a clear indicator at the beginning of the documentation page, something like a minimal icon or a tag, something that informs very quickly whether a struct is implementing the Copy trait or not.
The same idea could be adapted also for other important traits... Only the relevant ones, in order to avoid bunch of icons/tags that could confuse the reader instead of inform him/her.

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I think perhaps the best approach to this would be to have a quick-reference table of trait impls on the doc page for a struct or trait, sorted alphabetically by trait name. The current docs design WRT trait impls is helpful for knowing what methods a struct provides through traits, but it's more to sift through if you just want to know what traits are implemented. And the trait impls seem to appear in arbitrary order, or perhaps in the order they're specified in the source--not the most convenient to navigate.

However, this is actually already in the Rust issue tracker:

Perhaps you can add your two cents there?

Ok, I wrote my comment as you suggested.

Thank you.