Do we really need the first badges?



This is purely subjective but maybe there is other peoples here sharing my point of view:

I realize there is a huge amount of useless badges. Do we really need the: “Congratulation, you’ve created your first post!”… You can have a lot of “Earned 'First ’ badge” message when you start on the forum.

There is some good arguments having a forum with a badges system (specially for novice web users). I personally consider the “like” system a good way to promote quality content. But does a developpement langage really need so many “First/10/100 badges”?

What’s your perspective on this? Maybe this as already been discussed.

Keep the good work! This forum is very helpful indeed! :smile:


It’s just the defaults of Discourse, they weren’t added for any good reason, it would take work to remove them. And they don’t really harm anyone.


I suspect the “badge” stuff is just the default for Discourse and nobody has bothered to change them. For example, I’m a moderator and I never even knew we had badges! :stuck_out_tongue:


Personally I think they are rather fun. They motivated me (a little bit) to interact with the site ever so slightly more after I first joined.