Do threads cooperate with Android?

Hi there, do std::thread::spawn(||{}) threads cooperate nicely with android? On the jni tips page it says that I would have to use something called pthread_create (Which I’m not familiar with). Would Rust’s standard library automatically make threads on android as it does on windows, without any user intervention necessary?

All unix platforms, including Android, do implement std::thread using the pthread library. Threads are never automatically created by the standard library, but crates like rayon will create a thread pool for their work.

Ah, thanks for the information, last thing I’d want to do is go into debugging a threaded application on Android, when I can’t create a thread on Android. Anyway, I made a mistake on my original post, I never would have expected the standard library to create threads, what I meant is if it was as smooth a process on android as it is on windows.

And the answer is: It’s as smooth a process as any other OS when using std::thread.
Android uses the same facilities as other unix-based platforms (there are several). It’s not the same OS facility as windows, because windows isn’t unix-based, but the differences are minor and are obscured by the standard library.
You shouldn’t have to worry about them unless you’re doing something very low-level and OS-specific (It’s not even enough of a concern to be mentioned in the std::thread documentation).