Discourse Solved Plugin

I noticed that the #help category seems have quite a few cases where the original poster or admin go back and edit the topic title to append a [Solved] tag to the title to indicate the topic has been resolved in some way, to help other users in the future.

There is a really nice plugin for Discourse called Solved that addresses this exact use case by adding a special image to the topic title in topic listings, as well as other nice things like a link in the original post to jump to the exact post that the user (or an admin) marked as the resolution. You can also add badges for helping people out and solving, if it's wanted.

FWIW, I help run and maintain a Discourse server where this plugin has been enabled since it came out and have never had any problems with it, as it is an "official" plugin made by the core Discourse team.

Anyways, just thought this might be a nice thing to have. :slight_smile:


Bumping this for visibility since the original post got delayed a bit in the spam filter...

I think it would be useful too, what do the @admins think?