Disable full-workspace `cargo check` in RA?

Context in case this is some XY problem: I have a big workspace with a pile of crates designed for various architectures (it's an OS project). It is only really viable to compile them either individually with a set architecture (if they are arch independent) or as sets as dependencies of one of the binary crates. Cargo limitations mean that there is not really any record of these relationships on disk in the Cargo files.

I'd ideally like to have a workspace wide .vscode/settings.json (I hope they inherit... haven't tried it yet) that turns off the cargo check flag for --workspace.

I don't think I can fix this with linkedProjects since that appears to be Cargo workspace relative, whereas I want it to be VSCode workspace relative (i.e. relative to my open folder) if anything.

Overriding the check command is something I do for some of my crates, but it seems like an awfully big hammer. Is there some functionality I'm missing that does this?

Also, overall, I had a bunch of trouble debugging issues with the cargo check which I eventually figured out with enabling flycheck logging, a process I wish were easier :frowning: I had to go mess with a shell startup file to get the logging enabled.

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