Disable automatic quote removal?

I think this came up before, but I just got annoyed by it again.

Here, when I posted, my reply got automatically edited to remove the quote, because it quoted an entire post. The entire post was a whopping 2 sentences. The top of that particular reply was (attempting to) directly address what I quoted. There was no notification, I was just lucky enough to notice the yellow pencil when the reply posted.

I had to edit the post, manually quote again, but then delete four words in the hopes it wouldn't automatically remove contextually relevant things again (it didn't).

Are people quoting giant posts often enough this is a net benefit? Is there a knob to not delete quotes that are below a certain size? Or a way to have it ask me, instead of editing my post with no notification? Changing what I posted with no feedback is very poor UX.



You don't actually need to change anything at all, you can edit the whole quote back in. The automatic removal thing only fires once.

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There's a related IRLO thread in which some mod didn't find any applicable option at the time (about 2 years ago). Someone could of course search in the meta discord (or elsewhere) for other existing discussions to figure out whether there might be an option after all. Then of course, the discussion of whether the change of options would be wanted is a separate discussion, but I personally would be in favor of disabling this auto-removal of quotes, too.

Just posted something, "system" removed my quote - meta - Rust Internals

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