Different view of this forum on different machines

I do most of my web browsing and email on a Chromebook and my work on a Mac. I am logged into the forum on both with the same account, but I see items on the Mac that I don't see on the Chromebook. Any thoughts on what might be going on?

Do you have examples of the kinds of items you see or don't see?

This forum uses hosted Discourse, they have a meta Discourse that might have useful information.

This item is one of them along with

  • Is there any distributed framework in rust?
  • Green threads vs Async
  • Rust’s Futures Explained
  • Crate of the Week
  • Is there any distributed framework in rust?

at which point I stopped looking.

I can't find any pattern except that the Chromebook never shows an item that does not appear on the Mac.

Are you viewing all categories or just "help"?

I didn't even know there was a filter. It was all categories on my Mac and only help on the Chromebook. Problem solved.

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