Different impl for types won't work anymore

Not sure if this is intended or a regresion. Until some days ago it was possible to do:

struct SomeStruct{
type Other = SomeStruct;

impl SomeStruct{
    pub fn new() -> SomeStruct{

impl Other{
    pub fn new() -> Other{

but now that produces an error:

error: multiple applicable methods in scope

Seems natural. type doesn't create a new type. It even lets you do this:

struct Foo;

impl Foo {
    fn foo(&self) { }

type Bar = Foo;

impl Bar {
    fn bar(&self) { }

fn main() {
    let x: Foo = Foo;

i know but it has changed from being possible (even having different behaviours for the different types which was kind of handy) to not work. so wondering if it was a bug before or now since i can't find anything in the breaking changes list

I think it's important to note that the aliased types aren't different. So this isn't the way to implement poor man's inheritance for example.

This was never intended to work, and it's hard to believe it ever did (because it was never in my particular mental model of Rust at least). Definitely a bug, if it was exactly like that.