Different Default Cargo Targets for a Workspace


I have a hybrid project, where parts are written for native compilation and parts are written for wasm32-unknown-unknown. It's managed as a workspace with multiple crates. I'm using Visual Studio Code with the RLS extension for inline errors/warnings reporting.

To make the explanation easier, consider the following tree:


myproject is a workspace with three crates. frontend only compiles for wasm32-unknown-unknown, backend only compiles for x86-64, and datamodel is used by both (included as a crate in frontend/Cargo.toml and backend/Cargo.toml using path = "../datamodel").

So far, this works fine, as long as I open only a single crate of the workspace. However, when I open up the whole workspace, RLS complains that it can't compile web-sys (which I use for the frontend) for the x86-64 target (duh). I can set a single target architecture for the whole project, but how can I set one per workspace member? There is a file frontend/.cargo/config with the right settings, but apparently cargo only looks at the top level one. Setting the whole thing to compile for wasm32 wouldn't work either, since the backend uses things that don't work on that architecture (like actix-web).

The reason I don't want to simply only open single crates of the workspace is that in this situation RLS doesn't realize when files in myproject/datamodel change, and keeps on complaining about references to things that are there. I have to restart RLS manually every time I want it to notice these changes.

The way I understand the documentation, it should actually work just by placing a .cargo/config file into the crate. However, it says

If, for example, Cargo were invoked in /projects/foo/bar/baz

which technically means that it doesn't matter where that .config directory is, as long as you run cargo from there (since you can define an arbitrary parth to the Cargo.toml file with command line parameters). Since RLS presumably runs cargo check from the root directory instead of the individual workspace members, it never sees the frontend/.cargo/config file.

So, does somebody know how to solve this issue?

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