Difference Bound Matrix Data Structure for Model Checking

Hello everyone!

I would love to have your feedback on my first crate: An implementation of the difference bound matrix (DBM) data structure used for model checking real-time systems.

crate documentation GitHub
I would love to sharpen my Rust skills and write more idiomatic code (is there an analogon to pythonic for Rust?), so any feedback is very much appreciated.

I may use this crate to eventually develop a model checker for probabilistic real-time systems in Rust.

The crate is part of a larger Python project of mine concerned with formal models coined Momba. To this end, I am interfacing Rust with Python via the PyO3 crate. I really enjoy this combination of languages, and Rust has been a great pleasure to work with. Also, the welcoming community and usually exceptional documentation have already been incredibly helpful for me.

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