Diesel, R2D2 and connection not ok

Hi everyone. I don't understand this error:

^^^^^ the trait diesel::Connection is not implemented for std::result::Result<diesel::r2d2::PooledConnection<diesel::r2d2::ConnectionManager<diesel::PgConnection>>, r2d2::Error>

I get a connection with the following code:

use lazy_static::lazy_static;

use diesel::{
    r2d2::{Pool, ConnectionManager},

type PgPool = Pool<ConnectionManager<PgConnection>>;

pub struct Values {
    pub db_connection: PgPool,

lazy_static! {
   pub static ref VALUES: Values = {
       Values {
           db_connection: PgPool::builder()
               .expect("failed to create db connection_pool")
 let conn = db::VALUES.db_connection.get();

    let user = persons

Pool::get returns a Result<PooledConnection<_>, Error>, since the pool could fail to provide a connection within its configured timeout. You need to handle that error (by unwrapping or returning or otherwise.)