Diesel-cli install

Hi, For the last 3 days Ive tried to install diesel-cli in windows 10 64bit using the following command:
cargo install diesel_cli --no-default-features --features postgres
and the installer is way too slow and never ended, at about 30 % crashes and restart endlessly, is there a solution for install diesel_cli not using cargo command line?

Did you install libpq, sqlite, and mysql first?

Ok, thanks for your time, installed mysql and sqlite, and of course postgres, not sure about libpq, will check, but i think is in the windows binaries.

Please include the following information in your question:

  • Your rustc and diesel_cli version
  • The complete build output of a failed build-attempt

Otherwise it's just not possible to even know what's the problem you are trying to solve.

Specifically, also check that you have the -dev package equivalents. The regular libraries alone are not enough.

All that said: I recently compiled diesel_cli myself on an Ubuntu system, and had to install the aforementioned dev packages as part of the process. I forgot to do so before trying to compile diesel_cli, and compilation errored out rather than looping.

Thr behavior you're experiencing is definitely abnormal (for any binary) but I'm not sure what exactly is causing it.

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