Diesel 2.0.0 RC1

We are happy to announce the release of Diesel 2.0.0 RC1

Diesel is a safe, extensible ORM and query builder for Rust

This release contains a number of fixes and improvements compared to the previous 2.0.0 RC0 release.

Notably the following fixes and improvements are included:

  • A fix for an issue preventing connection reuse with the built-in r2d2 integration
  • Support for types from the ipnet crate
  • Support for loading values via libpq's row by row mode
  • Improvements to error messages generated by #[derive(Insertable)] for the case of type mismatches

This release hopefully marks the last prerelease before a stable 2.0.0 release.
We plan to release the final 2.0.0 soon after this, as long no other blocking issues are found.

See the official release announcement for details