DevOps meets Rust

G’day guys,

I’ve been working on a project called Intecture ( and for quite a while and I thought it was time I shared it with everyone.

Intecture is a systems management tool (ala Chef etc.) written in Rust. Intecture’s core is a simple library API that wraps ZeroMQ for communication and authentication. The other components include an Agent to do the API’s dirty work, an Auth server to make toast and a CLI to make life easier.

Currently Intecture supports a number of Linux flavours, FreeBSD and partial support for MacOS. Intecture’s API can also be implemented in C and PHP via the FFI and external bindings. In the future, I want to add support for many other popular languages too, time permitting!

I should caveat that while Intecture’s main features have been tested fairly comprehensively, it is still in alpha. There are loads of rough edges and “WTF” moments. Also, if I were to judge programming skills on a scale between “peasant” and “savant”, the general level of Rust’s community is around a Stephen Hawking. I’m a solid Ned Flanders.

Anyway, hack it, abuse it, critique it, break it. As always, feedback is lifeblood and contributions are Christmas.

Happy DevOp-ing,