Destructuring reqwest response data

How do I destructure DictionaryApiResponse from
type std::option::Option<Vec<DictionaryApiResponse>>

The full code

async fn search(Request(request): Request<ApiRequest>) -> impl IntoResponse {
    //destructure the request
    let ApiRequest { keyword, language } = &request;
    let body = reqwest::get(format!("{}/{}/{}", &DICTIONARY_API, language, keyword))

    //error handling
    let data = match body.json::<Vec<DictionaryApiResponse>>().await {
        Ok(val) => Some(val),
        _ => None,
    //try to destructure the response
    let data: std::option::Option<Vec<DictionaryApiResponse>> = data;

You can probably rewrite that function to return something like Result<impl IntoResponse, impl IntoResponse> and then just use the ? operator.

fn search() -> Result<impl IntoResponse, impl IntoResponse> {
    let data = reqwest::get(url)
    for res in data { ... }

Check the documentation of wherever IntoResponse comes from.


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