Deserialize and IndexMap

Can you fix this code?

You can implement Serialize and Deserialize for Student yourself, that should solve the issue. (without using #[derive])

how to do it?

If you look at the documentation I linked to, there is an example for Serialize. For Deserialize see this link on how to implement it.

The indexmap crate has a serde-1 feature that you must enable in your Cargo.toml to get its implementations. Then you should be able to derive your own type.

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Ahh, that’s an even better. I wasn’t familiar with indexmap so I didn’t know about that. Thanks for the help!

Also for future reference, you can do something like this to serialize things with serde.

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Can you edit to make my code work completely?

I don’t know how to affect the crate features on the playground, but locally I found that your code works as-is with these dependencies in Cargo.toml:

indexmap = { version = "1", features = ["serde-1"] }
serde = "1"
serde_derive = "1"
serde_json = "1"