Deploying Rust applications / UNIX filesystem standards

I'm in the process of porting a forensics tool from C++ to Rust. (The codebase is mature, but an upstream vendor is necessitating some big changes, and I'm taking advantage of the opportunity to do a rewrite.) The C++ codebase uses CMake as a build environment, and takes advantage of the standard UNIX filesystem layout. On doing a make install the binary gets dropped to $PREFIX/bin, data files to $PREFIX/share/nsrlsvr, configuration files into /etc/nsrlsvr, and so on.

I've been perusing the Cargo docs, but I'm not seeing an obvious way to do this with the Cargo system. Am I just looking in the wrong place?

If the Rust ecosystem prefers a different approach to data and configuration files, I'm amenable to hearing that, too. I'd much prefer to do this the right way rather than just make a clumsy port. :slight_smile:

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You can call the cargo from your Makefile, just like how you did with cmake.

They want to know if there's some Cargo command that installs a Rust program in the right places, something analogous to make install. I don't think they have a Makefile.

IMO, the big-picture way to understand this is: Cargo is not a deployment or packaging tool. Cargo builds binaries (and libraries), and does the things necessary to make that happen. Everything past β€œthe binary exists in target/” is a problem that Cargo does not address, and it's up to you to choose or write a tool to handle that.

Cargo does have cargo install, but that only installs binaries, defaults to installing them to ~/.cargo/bin, and does not integrate with system package management or provide much of an update mechanism.)


You may be looking for cargo-native-install β€” Rust/Cargo add-on //

Like any cargo-* bin, you should be able to install it with cargo install cargo-native-install, and use it as cargo native-install.

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Thank you for this clear answer. Looks like I'll continue to use Autotools to provide the deployment and packaging, and have it call out to cargo for compilation. It seems a little awkward to me but I suppose I understand the rationale.

I appreciate everyone who answered: thank you. I'm in the very early stages of this rewrite/port (however one wants to call it) right now, and it's nice to have clarity on what the Rustacean-preferred way is to deploy. :slight_smile:

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