Dependency version

When I try a example project of a blogger have I check and update version of dependency ?

For example:

[dependencies]                                                                                                          image = "0.23.14"                                                                                                        

Your question is not clear. It would help people help you if you provided a link to the blogger's example you are using.

Thank you for response.

Here is the link to Youtube:

But, my question is not about my project. It is only for an example.
What is common rule in such situations? Have I blindly follow it or it is better to use fresh, actual dependence version? That is why my post is in uncategorized group not in help forum.

a nice convenient tool for add dependencies to a project is the cargo subcommand cargo add that is in the cargo-edit crate. For install the tool simply: cargo install cargo-edit and for add a dependency to a project simply: cargo add crate-name

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When following along a video or any other kind of guide or tutorial, you probably want to use the same versions. Cargo will automatically use the latest compatible version, for example if there was a version 0.23.15 of image, Cargo would use that instead of 0.23.14 and you don't have to worry about it. If there are newer, incompatible versions (such as image 0.24.1), there's no guarantee the guide will work with that version.


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