Dependencies dependent on target and feature

I have a feature but this feature has different dependencies depending on the system that it is running on. I would hope I could do something like

[target.'cfg(all(target_os = "windows", feature = "myfeature"))'.dependencies]

but this did not work and I also tried

[target.'cfg(target_os = "windows")'.features]

but it looked to be a dead pr on the rust lang git.

The Doc's example is like:

winhttp = "0.4.0"

openssl = "1.0.1"

[target.'cfg(target_arch = "x86")'.dependencies]
native-i686 = { path = "native/i686" }

[target.'cfg(target_arch = "x86_64")'.dependencies]
native-x86_64 = { path = "native/x86_64" }

Maybe you can try this?
Specifying Dependencies - The Cargo Book (

This will set the dependency if they are on that system, but I want a way to set the dependency if they are on a system and if they picked a feature.

The only way I could do it now is if I made each feature its own crate then in the crate set the dependencies depending on the target. I would not want to do this because my project has a good amount of features.

Oh, that's beyond my ability. And I am curious abort the answer.

Ok this looks to be working

cool-feature = [

[target.'cfg(target_os = "windows")'.dependencies]
dependency = { version = "1.0.0", optional = true }

If you dont specify a dependency for a target it looks like it just skips over it.

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