Dendrite 0.2.0 released: CQRS + Event Sourcing

Hi everyone, I wrote a library named “dendrite” that helps create Event Sourced CQRS applications with AxonServer as a message bus + persistence engine.

I also wrote a (highly opinionated) working example named “archetype-rust-axon”. It has a back-end in Rust that uses “dendrite” plus a front-end written in React and a bunch of standard docker containers. Repo “archetype-rust-axon” is meant to be used as a template for new projects.

A few days ago I published version “0.2.0” of “dendrite” on This version is built on top of Tokio “1.0”. The current master of “archetype-rust-axon” still uses version “0.1.3” of “dendrite”, because it also uses the ElasticSearch driver, and that still needs Tokio “0.2”.

The main idea is that an application written on top of “dendrite” starts as a structured monolith and can smoothly evolve into a service mesh of loosely coupled horizontally scalable microservices. Why not give it a try? :wink:


dendrite on

archetype-rust-axon on github

P.S. The next step is to write some macros to make working with the library more ergonomic. If you have ideas on that, please comment on the Macros issue.

P.P.S. If you could get the "" to work on Windows, I would be most grateful. Windows issue.

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