Deflate not inflating properly

I'm trying to decompress some data that's encoded in Zlib format, without gzip headers.
The Playground snippet above shows flate2 insisting the data is corrupted.
But if I plug the same data into Free online text compression tools - gzip, bzip2 and deflate
it decompresses properly. While that output looks random, it's actually valid; it's binary LLSD,which is roughly equivalent to JSON.

The data begins with 78 DA in hex, so it's DEFLATE format.

I tried using "libflate", and that rejects it with "LEN=30170 is not the one's complement of NLEN=19282".

The 78 DA bytes are a zlib header. You can use ZlibDecoder to decode this stream (playground).


Ah. Much better. Now decoding data OK. Thanks.