Deflate 0.7.7 - a deflate encoder written in rust, now with gzip support!


I’ve updated deflate to 0.7.7, and this version finally adds support for the gzip format, in addition to improving the compression behaviour. Hopefully this will be of use to someone.


AFAIK flate2 is still looking to replace its miniz bindings with a pure Rust implementation, perhaps this would be of interest to them?


The readme still says no gzip support.
How does is compare to others performance-wise?


I’ve fixed the readme. Thanks!

As for speed: From my testing it’s between 10% and twice as slow as flate2(with the default back-end) with similar settings for most files, for large incompressible files it can be slower as that’s not very optimised at the moment. miniz has a special different algorhitm for the fast setting so the performance difference there might be a bit higher. Flate2 also has an advantage speed-wise for very small files at the moment, as miniz can allocate all the data structures it uses in one go, while that is a bit complicated with rust at the moment without getting stack overflows in debug mode.
I have a github repo with code I use for testing speed and compression ratio allthough it’s a bit of a mess.