`Default` for Structs including `Vec<!Default>`

It doesn't seem one can derive(Default) (successfully) for structs which include a Vec of non-Default elements.
And it seems this should work, as Vec has a natural default (the empty vector) for any element type.


// `derive(Default)` compiles
pub struct Stuff<T> {
    stuff: Vec<T>,

// But adding a blanket impl over `T` fails
impl<T> Stuff<T> {
    pub fn new() -> Self {

Rooting around GitHub issues, is this #[derive] sometimes uses incorrect bounds · Issue #26925 · rust-lang/rust · GitHub?

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It’s a known issue. Per the comments on the GitHub issue you found, derivative seems to be one of the recommended workarounds. I usually just manually implement Default to work around the issue.


As you've probably seen in the issues, this is an intentional choice because the goal is that field details -- especially when they're private -- shouldn't change this.

It would be possible for the derive to emit where Vec<T>: Default instead of where T: Default, but that's not what it does.


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