Default buffer capacity of BufReader?

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What is the default buffer capacity of BufReader::new?
How many Bytes? :thinking:

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tl;dr 8k




Should I change this if I want to read files up to 20mb line by line? :thinking:

How long is each line? Is reading the file a performance bottleneck? You should benchmark it and see what works well for you.

8kB is probably a bit conservative. But: This is a buffered reader -- don't use it as "copy the whole file into memory." If reading the whole file up front is an option, you can of course try that as well (just read_to_end into a Vec<u8>), along with memmap.

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For a 20MB file Iā€™d just read the whole file in at once, as @killercup mentioned. Unless you have a lot of parallelism (ie multiple procs/threads doing this in parallel) or are in a constrained environment, 20MB is nothing to hold in memory all at once.

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