Decorative Rust code

Hi fellow rustaceans,

my girlfriend and I are decorating our appartment. As she is passionate about medicin we will hang some vintage medical sketches on the wall.
To balance and show my passion as well, I'd like to hang up some Rust related art. I was thinking about some epic Rust code or code art. I'm not quite sure, yet. Has anyone done something similar? Is there something somewhere to buy? Do you have any suggestions? I'm open to anything.

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My grandfather was graphic artist and used to create such vintage medical sketches for medical text books. I saw some as a kid. They were very beautiful but some how gruesome.

Somewhere here Alice presented some code as a solution to whatever my problem was at the time. In reply I declared it was the most beautiful piece of code I had ever seen and that I would hang it on the wall. I imagined it rendered in some gothic looking text with that medieval style illumination as syntax highlighting.

Sadly I can't remember what it was about or find it now. Anyone recall that conversation?


(I won't be offended if you don't put my blog post up on your wall :wink: Personally I would probably prefer something a lot shorter.)


That is the one. Thank you. I even have that link stashed away in my code somewhere.

The code is only about 60 lines without comments. Just right.

For some reason searching this forum with google and " Alice Zicog beautiful" did not turn up any results at all. In fact any such site search is useless.

Is this forum unsearchable?

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