Debugging and Colors

Hello, thanks for coming to my show :slight_smile: ! Two questions today:

  1. can you debug in the Rustified Pycharm, or do you need to use Rustified CLion (found old replies from two years ago stating debbuging was only supported for Clion)

  2. How did you configure the colors to make Rust structure easier to grasp? Colors are here to help you structure your thinking, right? My IDE look like a loud and flashy party for 3 years old.

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2: It's hard to be sure what's the best way to colorize, especially as it's also about pleasure, taste and eye fatigue (and our eyes are different).

It's my personal opinion that in Rust like in most languages, we don't need so many colors. I personally only have 3 categories when coloring codes:

  • comments
  • string literals
  • everything else

We're very good at parsing the rest if those 3 categories are set apart so added colors are useless distractions and eye strains.

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I can definitely do with less colors. I thought that I should maybe highlight traits, impl, and all the stuff that is really really new. (PS: just noticed now you are from Lyon! I lived in Lyon many years :grinning:)

I am using the Solarized theme in VS Code:

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I think Rust debugging is not supported in PyCharm at the moment, only in CLion and IntelliJ Ultimate (via native debugging support plugin).

Color Schemes are configured via settings. I personally just use the default Light/Dark themes, in IntelliJ they are pretty great and already highlight mutable variables and other important semantic info .

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@Canop ... so now I installed broot (good work, wow :heart_decoration:!) and trying to mess around with themes. Please don't juge me, I know that coming from someone who wanted less colors, that's rich.
I tried some themes with:
syntax_theme = "base16-mocha.dark"
in the conf.toml file but it is not taken into account after restarting the terminal?
Also, how to go back to zsh?

@s3bk and @matklad Thank you! So I guess I need to configure CLion now (or is Ultimate better for some reason?). I don't like the default ones, everything end up looking like Java!

Ahaha... I'm afraid speaking about Lyon or broot here will make a mess of that thread and won't be interesting for other readers :wink: Maybe come chat about that on Miaou ?
(btw "base16-mocha.dark" is already the default theme in broot, which explains why nothing changed)

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@Canop I tried several themes ^^, the ocean as well!
@matklad Now I am fully upgraded to Ultimate and the debugging works, thanks :heart_decoration:

Everybody has been so wonderfully helpful that I don't know whom I need to mark as answer. Do I need to?

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