D-like Operator Overloading

What are the plans for improving Rust's operator overloading? Specifically in comparison to D's?

I'm thinking especially in terms of

Further, is there a Rust equivalent of D's alias this?

These two together makes it very convenient (little code) to create a wrapper type around existing types, that changes only a small amount of the interface. Useful for instance when defining bounded numeric types.

I'm not aware of any plans to change operator overloading. If this is stuff you want, maybe work on writing up an RFC!

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Those are interesting features, but I don't know how they fit in Rust, and every one of them needs a discussion...

Delegation of trait impls would certainly help and it is a generally useful thing, not just for operator overloading.

Maybe it can fit in under Rust's new productivity goal?

I agree with @bluss that the delta here is in method delegation, not something specific to operator overloading.

I think there's definitely something we should do here, but I'm uncertain about what exactly. There are several different sorts of delegation users can want (e.g. delegating to a member, delegating a trait method to an inherent method, delegating an inherent method to a trait method) and I think we need a neat & grokkable system for handling it. There's an RFC, but I think it only deals with 'composition delegation' & not the other kinds.

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The Deref and DerefMut traits support this functionality.

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