Custom rustup server

I wanted to ask if there were any way to specify a custom server to host pre-built rust binaries?

I only ask because rust-doc and a few other components are not available on teir-2 targets such as the Apple M1 [link], and I was looking to host my own for people to use.

The pre-release testing process works by using the RUSTUP_DIST_SERVER environment variable to specify a different server.

I believe you can run your own server by placing the appropriate artifacts (output of dist) at the appropriate paths on an HTTPS server along with a channel manifest generated by the update-manifest tool. The release team's automation for generating and uploading the artifacts and manifests is in the promote-release repository, but I'm not sure whether it's general enough to be useful for unofficial servers too. You might want to ask on or on zulip if you want more details about these tools.

Inside my company we use a hackier approach to distribute a custom toolchain: We have a script that downloads our toolchain and unpacks it to a directory like ~/.rustup/toolchains/foo. Then we can tell rustup to run the "foo" toolchain. However, rustup isn't able to install or update this toolchain on its own.


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