Custom rustflag for specific binary only?

I have a project that builds multiple binaries using separate sources in src/ folder.

In this configuration, I want to pass custom rustflag to build one of these binaries using custom linker script (-Tlink.x, along with custom How can I accomplish this?

I tried various ways to set rustflags, but all broke build of other binaries or depending libraries.

  1. Running cargo with RUSTFLAGS="..." cargo build ... caused other builds to fail, as all rustc invocation got this arg passed.
  2. Setting rustflags=... in [build] or [target.triplet] section of .cargo/config also failed, as rustflags applied to all other compilation/linking as well.

While it does not work, what I essentially want is to write following:

in .cargo/config

rustflags = ...


in Cargo.toml

name = foobinary
rustflags = ...

Is there any way to do something equivalent?

I found a resolution myself. Embedding custom linker arg in the source solved it:

extern "C" {
...declarations that relies on custom linker script...

did the trick, along with custom to copy link.x into linker script search path.

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