Custom iterator for references


I have a custom iterator on a struct. Now if the struct is a references, the iterator gives me this error: no method named `iter` found for type `&result::Table in the current scope`

It worked by implementing IntoIterator for the reference to the struct. However, then I need to call into_iter() to use it.

How can I implement a custom iterator (with .iter() method) for references to structs?



Can you provide the relevant code so we have more context to better answer the question?


Why don’t you like the IntoIterator for a reference to the struct approach?

iter() is not part of any builtin trait, so you’d just impl that function on your struct type (taking &self as an arg) and return a type that implements Iterator. But as @leodasvacas mentioned, you should provide more info.


Thanks vitalyd. This was the information I needed. Having a .iter() method, my code looks more nice and is easier to understand.