Current FUSE filesystem in rust?

Hi, I'm new to rust and want to write a filesystem in it. I'm looking for some 'Hello World' FUSE filesystem to start from there.

I've seen several FUSE rust implementations, but they all seem to be abandoned for several years and have different problems when trying to use them.

Is there any current FUSE implementation that works?


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This one seems not-dead-yet:


I've used fuser and fuse_mt (builds on fuser) and they worked fine (but I was just playing around).

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Thanks both. Finally got to compile and run from fuser.

In case any other novice like me wants to do it, you'll need the following dependencies in your Cargo.toml:

fuser = "0.12"
clap = { version = "3.0", features = ["cargo"] }
libc = "0.2.51"
env_logger = "0.9"
pkg-config = "0.3"

The readme mentions using fuser 0.7, but that doesn't work because of a field that has been removed from a structure in 0.8.

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