Crossterm being detected by AV

i used crossterm crate in my Rust program. using this was fine, but the moment I implemented " stdout().execute(SetForegroundColor(Color::Blue)); ", my Anti-virus is blocking the .exe being generated. It's marking the program as Trojan-Ransomware.

Scary, though. How to deal with this?

AntiVirus heuristics have a notoriously bad false positive rate. Some workarounds you could consider:

  • Add the project directory to the AV exclusion list.
  • Send the .exe to the AV vendor as a sample that is detected as a false positive and hope they care.
  • Build and run the app in WSL, instead!
    • Pros: It will compile faster and you can use the santizers for debugging.
    • Cons: Not applicable to all apps.
  • Code signing may help. But only if your certificate has already been vetted by the AV vendor.
  • Use a different AV product?
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