Cross-platform test on Mac requested

This is a mockup GUI for a portable 3D program. It's running Egui, Rend3, and WGPU. It doesn't do much; it just brings up a few menus and an image of a cube. But all the heavy machinery of a 3D application is present.

It works on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS) and Windows (under Wine 7, and on actual Windows 10.) Anyone have time to build it on Mac? I'm just curious to find out if it works. Trying it on both x86 Mac and ARM-type Mac would be interesting.

I've written no explicit cross-platform code; I'm relying entirely on portable crates here.

It doesn't do much; there's a file menu with an "open" entry that brings up a file dialog, a help menu that displays a web page, a button that does nothing, and a quit menu entry. Just enough to see if the most important parts of the machinery are working.


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