Cross compiling problems with C++

Hey guys! I've been experimenting with cross compiling for mips-unknown-linux-uclibc, which isn't an officially supported target, but everything works well enough with a couple patches to a few other utilities to fix some things. Pure Rust code builds perfectly fine under xargo, but as soon as I add Rust's rocksdb library, I get several pages of errors saying that the ..librocksdb.rlib file is the wrong format, which doesn't make sense because mips-openwrt-nm can find the symbols in it perfectly fine. The linker is mips-openwrt-gcc, which I'm pretty sure is correct. Other gcc-compiled packages work fine; unqlite and some of my own code using gcc compile and link perfectly fine. I'm guessing the C++-ness of rocksdb is causing problems? Would anyone have an experience with problems like this?