Creating struct with HashMap not working?

I'm trying to create a HashMap from the filesystem (using .bashrc in this example), but it doesn't compile due to lifetime problems. I can't figure out what the issue is, though. What am I doing wrong here?

use std::{collections::HashMap, fs};

struct Aliases<'a> {
    pub aliases: HashMap<&'a str, &'a str>
impl<'a> Aliases<'a> {
    fn from_bashrc() -> Self {
        let data = fs::read(".bashrc").unwrap();
        let data = std::str::from_utf8(&data).unwrap();
        let mut map = HashMap::new();
        for line in data.split('\n') {
            // this is a bad way to find aliases, just an example
            let parts: Vec<&str> = line.split('=').collect();
            if parts.len() == 2 {
                map.insert(parts[0], parts[1]);
        Self {
            aliases: map,

fn main() {
    let aliases = Aliases::from_bashrc();
    println!("{:#?}", aliases);

Try it on playground

By doing this, you'd return a reference to data which is a local variable. Just use a HashMap<String, String> instead.

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