Creating a window with moving letter for a donut project

Hi I saw this rotating donut on youtube and I thought it was cool and I wanted to make it rust.

I'm struggling to start this at all. I'm a new beginner. Can someone help me getting started. I need to know show a letter of the alfabet on a screen eventually move it.

I tried using the ggez crate but their examples are not working expect for supersimple.
I also learned the turtle tutorial which turned out to be not so customizable as I wanted.

I've learned some python so I know a bit of screen rendering using pygame.

Technically you don't need to render to a window, and you can see that this is not what the blog post's author does; instead they render directly to the terminal.
You could try to adapt the code at the end of the post by yourself, it will certainly work !
Here is a working Rust version if you want :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn't try it, but I suspect using a full-on rendering library would be quite complex :sweat_smile:
If you still want to go that path though, I like wgpu, but it might be too low-level for this


wow thanks, it's a bit different but i works. I'll check out wgpu. I'll try to analyze the code more during the weekend.

Ohhh, I just discovered this project that was mentioned in This Month in Rust GameDev #17 - December 2020 | Rust Game Development Working Group :

This is a very fun and easy way to experiment with graphics !

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