Creating a Pong clone with Rust and Tetra

I've been sporadically writing a beginner-level game development tutorial over the last couple months, showing how to make a simple Pong game with Tetra (my 2D game framework). I finally finished the third and final chapter last night, so figured I would share it here :slight_smile:


hello, i ma getting this eror ehile building the tetra crate please help me.
build failed
error: failed to run custom build command for 'alsa-sys v0.1.2'

  1. What is the full error?
  2. Do you have a package called libalsa-dev or something like that installed?

It sounds like you're missing the ALSA development libraries - make sure you've followed the steps on the 'Installation' page.

yeah I didn't complete the installation of alsa. Thanks

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