Create a struct on the fly with given name and attributes?


Is it possible to create a struct with given name and its attribute name with types. In my application,
in each example I create different structs as needed for the physics. Each struct may differ by
some attributes. And these are operated by a macro. So macro will work on its attributes.

To summarize, Can I have some thing like

let rigd_fluid = get_particle_array!(name="rigidbody", x=x, y=y, z=z, m=m, pressure=p, rho=rho)

Or create the struct attribute with default types?

Thank you.

The order of your named arguments will have to be the same every time, but you can do something like this:

macro_rules! get_particle_array {
    ($value:expr, x=$x:tt, y=$y:tt) => {
        println!("{} {}", $value.$x, $value.$y);
    ($value:expr) => {
        get_particle_array!($value, x=x, y=y)


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